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Dribblestop Male Incontinence Clamp

Dribblestop Male Incontinence Clamp
Dribblestop Male Incontinence Clamp
Dribblestop Male Incontinence Clamp
Dribblestop Male Incontinence Clamp
Dribblestop Male Incontinence Clamp
Dribblestop Male Incontinence Clamp
Dribblestop Male Incontinence Clamp
Dribblestop Male Incontinence Clamp
Dribblestop Male Incontinence Clamp
Dribblestop Male Incontinence Clamp
Dribblestop Male Incontinence Clamp
Dribblestop Male Incontinence Clamp
Dribblestop Male Incontinence Clamp


At last there is an effective solution for men who suffer with MUI (Male Urinary Incontinence), or post micturition dribble with this amazing Dribbles..
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At last there is an effective solution for men who suffer with MUI (Male Urinary Incontinence), or post micturition dribble with this amazing Dribblestop penile clamp.

Dribblestop Incontinence Clamp for Men Comfortable & SafeMillions of men around the world endure urine leakage that ranges from partial or full loss of urine. This can be as a result of prostate problems or nerve damage or following prostate surgery. For men who don't want a urostomy pouch (or urine bag) there is now a proven solution in the form of Dribblestop. This external penis clamp gently applies pressure to the top of your penis, as well as the urethra on the underside. The result is a soft, natural feel - this penile clamp is so small and comfortable, you won't even notice it's there!

  • Since Dribblestop does not apply any pressure to the sides of the penis blood circulation is unrestricted, so it is safe and comfortable.
  • Dribblestop allows a man to get on with his life and live it to the full, without fear of embarrassing leaks.

Your Dribblestop is guaranteed for 1 year on breakage - we'll replace it. The foam inserts are not covered by this warranty - since you will receive 2 clamps in your pack we recommend the clamps be alternated daily for the foam to keep its shape and form.


Frequently asked questions about the Dribblestop Incontinence Clamp for Men

How does the Dribblestop® incontinence clamp work?
The Dribblestop puts gentle pressure on your urethra to stop the flow of urine. Simply adjust it to your size and fit (it is really easy) and the clamp will restrict the flow by applying gentle pressure to only the top and bottom of your penis. The Dribblestop® clamp is worn just behind the head of the penis and should be comfortable but effective, and urine leakage should stop.

Is the Dribblestop® clamp small enough not to be noticed?
It is only 3 inches long and 1/2 inch wide - made entirely of plastic and a medical approved foam it is lightweight, discreet and, more importantly, super-comfortable.

Is the Dribblestop® adjustable?
Yes, adjusting the Dribblestop Penis clamp is easy. Included are 3 pairs of links in different sizes, Small, Medium and Large. You attach a link to either side of the DribbleStop to adjust the size. You can mix and match link sizes for a more accurate fit, for example you could use a Medium link one both sides, or you could use a Medium link on one side and a Large link on the other in order to go up by half a size. It may take a little experimenting to get the right fit for you; the clamp should be tight enough to stop urine leaks but not too tight that it feels uncomfortable. Full, easy to follow instructions are included with each Dribblestop kit to guide you through adjusting your Dribblestop.

What is included in a Dribblestop® Kit?
You’ll get two Dribblestop clamps, full instructions and extra links to adjust the fit. The clamps will be put together with Medium links and the extra Small and Large links will be contained in a labelled poly bag; make sure not to throw them away when you get rid of your packaging.

Why do you supply two clamps? Why can't I just order one Dribblestop clamp?
It is important to rotate the clamps on a daily basis – this allows the medical grade memory foam to regain its shape after a day of use and for you to rinse and clean it.

How do I clean my Dribblestop® clamps?
Simply hand-wash your Dribblestop clamp and foam with soap and warm water, rinse and towel dry, you can even wear it again after rinsing. The medical grade foam will not absorb liquid so it comfortable to pop back on if required.

Will the Dribblestop® clamp impair circulation or sensation?
A Dribblestop® clamp has been specifically designed to apply slight pressure to the top and bottom of your penis; it takes very little pressure to stop the flow of urine. You’ll find that blood circulation is not restricted on the sides of your penis and when you’ve adjusted it to a comfortable fit it will control dribbles and leakage without affecting sensation or circulation to your penis. You will still have the normal feeling to relieve yourself when your bladder is full.

Can I go into a swimming pool or hot tub wearing the Dribblestop® clamp?
Yes, chlorine should not affect the clamp, but rinse the clamp afterwards to prevent any chlorine irritation to your skin.

Can you replace the foam on my Dribblestop® clamp?
No sorry, due to health and hygiene we are unable to do this.

How do I know if the Dribblestop® clamp is safely positioned?
You should not be able to feel the clamp if it is positioned correctly and all leakage has stopped. If you can feel the Dribblestop clamp either it is uncomfortable or painful then you have it too tight. Adjust it accordingly by selecting one of the different notches or different links.

Will the Dribblestop® clamp work if I am circumcised? Or not circumcised?
Yes the Dribblestop works if you are with foreskin or without! It will still be effective giving you dryness and comfort all day and all night long.

Do I need to consult my doctor before using a Dribblestop® clamp?
Not unless you feel it is necessary to do so. Obviously once you have used it and found out how effective it can be we would welcome you telling your Doctor or Healthcare provider so that they can pass the message onto to other men who would benefit from using the Dribblestop.

Can I wear the Dribblestop® clamp when travelling?
Yes! There are no metal parts so you won’t set off any alarms at airport security.  A dribblestop clamp will give you the confidence to travel more – you won’t have to worry about accidents, pads and discomfort!

I am wearing the Dribblestop but still dribbling. What should I do?
Adjust the Dribblestop – you should not have any leaks or dribbles. To get the perfect fit the clamp size may just need adjusting slightly try different notches or different link settings.

Do you have to be approved through Health Canada to manufacture the Dribblestop® clamp?
Yes, the Dribblestop is manufactured as a medical device  and produced under license through Health Canada.  The Dribblestop is also approved for sale in the USA and Europe.

How long can I wear the Dribblestop?
You can wear it 24/7 The Dribblestop clamp is designed to apply slight pressure only on the top and bottom (urethra side) of your penis, and not on the sides, so blood circulation is not impeded. The inventor of the Dribblestop, Henry Rennich, suffers from incontinence himself and has been wearing the clamp every day for 24 hours for the past ten years. Most men do not leak as much whilst lying down, so we suggest to our customers that they loosen the clamp one notch size when retiring for the night.

How long will a Dribblestop penis clamp last?
It really will depend on the amount of time the client uses the clamp it can vary between 4 hours, 8 hours, 12 hours ---all day and all night in some cases.  The main thing to remember is that the penile clamp should be alternated - and that's why we have included 2 per pack. The clamp should last anywhere from 8 to 12 months; depending on the usage.  Plus the user must be alternating the clamps on a daily basis to allow the memory foam to regain its original shape.  If the clamp is not alternated then the foam will start collapsing and the clamp will be less effective----and eventually the foam will be worn down. 

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