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Breast enlargement Pumps vs Surgery

Should You Choose Natural Breast Enlargement Or Surgery?

Women with large breasts have traditionally been perceived as feminine and beautiful. Studies have even revealed that women with generously sized bosoms are more attractive to the opposite sex. Of course there are some ladies who feel happy and confident about their body shapes. However, there are many others who experience regular stress due to a general sense of inferiority. Those who fall into the latter category are encouraged to consider the means of natural enlargement highlighted in this article.


There are two types of surgical enlargement available to women. The insertion of silicone implants is the most popular option, mainly because of the permanent effects. However, some women have opted for the transfer of fat cells from other areas of the body. This method of enlargement has the merit of being relatively safe. There's no need to worry about severe scarring because the surgeons are not required to make deep incisions. Unfortunately the majority of female patients experience a temporary increase in sensitivity and discomfort subsequent to these operations.

It is important to point out that the costs of surgical breast enlargements are high. A woman may be expected to pay anywhere between £4,000 and £5,000 for silicone breast implants. There are also concerns regarding the risks of cosmetic surgery. The implants may split open, resulting in the spread of silicone. Women may even develop sore lumps and back problems after having their breasts enlarged.

The Natural Enlargement Alternative

Those women who are concerned about the high prices and potential complications of surgery do have the option of using breast pumps for natural enlargement. However, it is worth bearing in mind that there is some variation in the quality of these products. The most reliable pumps are made from extremely strong and durable materials. They are designed to be used on a regular basis. These items also ensure the development of firm and full breasts.

Women who are particularly keen to see a noticeable increase in breast size are encouraged to invest in the VVI Medical breast enlargement system. This superior piece of equipment has been rigorously tested and recommended by experts from the cosmetic industry. They have been very impressed by the simplicity and effectiveness of the breast enlargement device. The VVI Medical system also has the merit of being extremely safe and excellent value for money. It is a better choice than surgery for the great majority of women.

How Do Breast Enlargement Pumps Work?

The VVI Medical breast pump systems include a hand pump, silicone tubing and suitably sized breast cups. The cups fit gently and comfortably over the women's breasts. The pump is applied as a means of stimulating the transfer of blood and fluid to the breasts. The amount of breast tissue increases and the breasts grow. It is necessary to repeat this process twice every day for optimum results*. The breasts will initially revert to their original size. However, women who use the breast pumps over consecutive months can expect permanent breast enlargement. There are no risks associated with the use of VVI Medical breast pumps.

Male Breast Enlargement

Those men who are keen to develop firm and well rounded breasts may be put off by the expense and risk of surgery. However, they now have the safe option of natural breast enlargement, using a pump. These quality devices are even suitable for flat chested males. The cups are placed in the appropriate area before the pump is applied. The blood flow and tissue expansion leads to an enlargement of the breasts. Men are likely to be pleasantly surprised by the speed and efficiency of this process. Those who really eager to develop voluptuous breasts may eventually upgrade to an extra large breast system.

*All results may vary depending on the individual user

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