Why should you love your penis?

Though larger percentages of women suffer from body confidence issues, there is a rising number of men who suffer with very similar problems. In particular, one of the key areas where men find a huge amount of pressure, is in their penis size.

According to a 2014 study of 50,000 men, 45% of men would like a larger penis. This stigma has many origins, from playground bragging, to sexualised images in the media, but the end result is that many men have a negative impression of their penis (read our blog on 5 reasons why people are insecure about their penis).

Despite the fact that 85% of women are happy with their partner’s penis, insecurities about penis size are prevalent and spreading. Today we are going to discuss some of the reasons why you should love your penis, and some methods to use if you want to address your body insecurities head on.

Knowing the average

Many men think that they have a smaller penis than average, but when it comes down to it, these assumptions are incorrect more often than not. In reality, most of Europe, including the UK, as well as Peru, Chile and America have average sized penis’ ranging from 5 inches to 5.7 inches when erect. Commonly, people have a tendency to view their penis from a certain angle or use pornography to create an image of what their penis size should be, and these can also cause those people to believe their penis is smaller than it really is.

Size isn't as important as people think

Despite all this fervour about penis size being an issue, a vast majority of women have said they are happy with their partner's penis size (there has been less research done on homosexual relationships).

Getting active

If you are concerned about your penis size, there are a number of different steps that you can take, starting with getting more active. The NHS recommend that shaving pubic hair, getting active and losing weight are all steps that can increase body confidence (which is often the prevailing issue for penis insecurity).

You can take steps to help

If you are worried about your penis size then you can also consider using a penis enlargement pump and penis extenders, which can help to increase penis size without the need for costly and dangerous surgery. Take a look at our range and see if they are the solution to your penis insecurities.

Speak to others

It is important to remember that whatever your body confidence issue, there are others who feel the same as you. Join a forum and talk to other likeminded people, and you may find that it really helps. As well as this, it offers the opportunity to talk to people about any steps they may have taken to improve their penis insecurities.