In basic terms, Erectile Dysfunction simply means the inability to either gain or maintain an erection, and it’s an issue that well over 50% of men report having experienced at some point in their lives. In some cases, ED may only occur on rare occasions, while for others, the condition can recur on a regular basis, causing a serious issue.

While there’s a wide range of issues that cause ED, from underlying physical conditions to emotional stress, the symptoms can be just as much of a problem in and of themselves. Erectile Dysfunction prevents a significant number of men from living a positive sexual life. In practically all cases, however, it’s possible to improve the effects of Erectile Dysfunction with the use of a vacuum pump. While no device can cure the root cause of ED, using a vacuum pump restores sexual function for roughly 9 out of 10 affected by the condition, giving sufferers the ability to live a fulfilling, complete sexual life.

Built from the ground up to remove the issues people report with other ED pumps, VitalityMedico is the most effective vacuum pump for Erectile Dysfunction available.


To understand how Erectile Dysfunction occurs, and how VitalityMedico helps improve the condition’s effects, it’s important to understand how erections actually work.

Upon arousal, the arteries in the penis dilate, letting more blood flow into the erectile tissues (the Corpora Cavernosa and the Corpus Spongiosum). This blood thickens and expands the tissues, resulting in an erection being created.

During expansion, the erectile tissues constrict the veins that take blood out of the penis, ensuring that more blood is flowing in than is escaping. This results in the erection being maintained, with the tissues deflating post-coitus.

Erectile Dysfunction can affect either, or both, of these steps. While the stereotypical image of ED involves the inability to get an erection, the issue of maintenance is just as much of an issue. We’ve designed VVI Medical to focus on both of these aspects, helping to restore complete sexual function regardless of how severe your ED is, as we’ll explain in the next section.


There’s a lot of alleged treatments out there for ED, but most of them either don’t quite work on the level they claim, or can have major complications. Surgical treatment for ED should be a last-resort option, with many forms of ED treatable via less extreme measures. While you’ll find a lot of pill/ drug/ herbal options for ED, few of these make any real difference, none will enhance your libido, and many pack in a range of troubling side effects.

Vacuum pumps are a safe, scientific way to improve the effects of Erectile Dysfunction, restoring sexual ability for approximately 90%. When used correctly, a vacuum pump forms a vacuum around the penis, essentially replicating the dilation of penile arteries, causing an erection.

In particularly severe cases of ED, it may be necessary to supplement a vacuum pump with an Erection Ring, products which are designed to prevent blood leaving the penis, creating a long-lasting erection.

However, standard vacuum ED pumps have some drawbacks. They can be inconvenient to use, with users having to apply lubrication and an Erection Ring before use, while being difficult to use with any level of discretion.

We designed VitalityMedico to completely circumvent these issues, giving ED sufferers an effective, discreet way to fight back against the effects of their condition. Because VitalityMedico is designed for use in water (though it’s also usable like other vacuum ED pumps), it's a lot more convenient and effective than other pumps, while adding a new level of comfort and discretion.


A major issue for diagnosing and treating Erectile Dysfunction is the vast plurality of root causes for the condition. ED can stem from a wide range of problems, both mental and physical, and isn’t necessarily limited to any single factor.

While VitalityMedico is an optimal way to improve the effects of ED, in a lot of cases, it’s eventually possible to cure Erectile Dysfunction entirely. In practically all cases, curing ED involves removing the factors causing the condition.

We recommend speaking to your doctor to understand more about what’s causing your ED, but it’s worth considering some of the major causes:

Clogged Blood Vessels (potentially caused by Smoking, Obesity, and other conditions)

Personal Stress, Depression or Sexual Anxiety

Overly High Blood Pressure

Heart Disease, Diabetes, Alcoholism, Prostate Issues