The penile clamp is a device that may be used to manage some urine leakage in some men.  It may be used by men after prostate surgery who have some urine leakage. The clamp, which has a soft foam inside, is placed half way down the shaft and when in place and closed, it compresses the urethra so that urine cannot escape. This clamp is sometimes referred to as a Cunningham clamp.  Some newer clamp designs also include an absorbent product with the clamp for extra security.

This device can be very convenient for short outings or special occasions.  However, the clamp MUST be removed every 1-2 hours to allow for urination to occur.  And this device should not be worn 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Your healthcare professional should advice you on how long the clamp may be worn and how often.  Not following instructions for use with a penile clamp may cause serious injury to the wearer.

Penile clamp products do have potential side effects.  Some men may have swelling, strictures (scarring in the urethra), or develop skin breakdown.