Has the underboob left you feeling under satisfied?

The increasing sexualisation of modern fashion, in line with celebrity trends and the social media obsession with the perfect body shape, has led to some unusual trends. Whilst it has also lead to an increased desire for plastic surgery, many are seeking a more natural solution for physical improvements.

The ‘underboob’ is one. Whilst ‘cleavage’ is a term familiar to most, ‘sideboob’ has emerged in the last few years as the exposure of the side of the breast, often in leotards or low cut vests. However, the most recently ‘exposed’ trend appears to be that of ‘underboob’; the exposure of the lower half of the breast from a cropped top or jumper (usually without a bra).

It appeared on the Autumn / Winter catwalks in March 2017, and has been spotted on multiple celebrities - including Kylie Jenner, Bella Hadid and Rihanna. It is causing such controversy that the Thai government have been rumoured to threaten jail time for anyone found posting ‘underboob’ selfies on Instagram.

One effect of the underboob trend is the desire for a perkier breast. Whilst breast enhancements are still by far the most popular plastic surgery choice for women, the increase in breast lifts (or ‘mastopexy’) is significantly higher than that of breast enhancements; since 2000, breast lifts have increased by over 70%. One of the most common reasons for mastopexy to be requested is the desire for a more ‘youthful’ or full breast appearance, lifting the breast up to its original ‘bounce’.

For some, this is after they have had children, and for others, it is merely that they are self-conscious about their appearance. Trends like the underboob have led many women to desire to be more camera ready. Unfortunately, the cost of a breast lift starts at around £5,000, which is out of reach for many. Surgery also carries increased risks of injury, as well as potentially leading to a requirement for future surgeries.

There are natural, non-surgical options available for anyone who is considering a breast lift or enhancement. A VVI Medical breast pump is the perfect home remedy for anyone wishing to lift their breasts without going under the knife. They work on a vacuum pump system that encourages natural breast enhancement, by encouraging blood flow, leading to firmer, fuller breasts. They are also incredibly cost effective, and come with a year's guarantee. So if you are seeking a confidence boost, or simply wish to encourage a naturally firmer breast, then a breast pump may be the ideal solution for you.