How does a penile clamp help male incontinence

A small amount of pressure exerted on the penis can temporarily close off the urethra, stopping any leakage. The part that fits around the penis is soft foam and shouldn't be uncomfortable. These devices aren't right for everyone, so talk to your doctor. Using them too often could cause circulation problems, skin irritation, and strictures. Generally, they're only meant to be used for a couple of hours at a time.

Why should I use male incontinence products?

Some guys don't want to try urinary incontinence products because they feel like it's a sign of defeat. But remember that a lot of men may only need incontinence products temporarily. For instance, if you've just had prostate surgery, using some of these products may help get you through while you're healing. Think of incontinence products as valuable tools to help you get by. They may not be a long-term solution, but they can vastly improve your quality of life right now.

If you're a man, what can you do about treating urinary incontinence?

You need to see a doctor to get the right treatment. But you can do some things on your own to manage your symptoms, such as bladder training, kegels, and keeping notes on your symptoms.

How does bladder training help men with urinary incontinence?

Some men can train themselves to control their urinary incontinence. Here's one approach: Start taking scheduled bathroom breaks whether you have to go or not. Over time, you can extend the times between trips to the bathroom. With some conscious effort, you may be able to tame your symptoms and only have to urinate every 3 or 4 hours. Keep in mind you may not see immediate results from bladder training. But if you stay with it, you should benefit within a few months.

How can kegels help men with urinary incontinence?

They can help you strengthen the muscles around the bladder. The muscles you would use to stop yourself from passing gas are the ones to focus on. Tense them for 3 seconds and relax them for 3 seconds. Build up slowly until you're doing three sets of 10 repetitions. It may take about 3 to 6 weeks before Kegel exercises have the effect you want. But most men notice results sooner.