Do Penis Pumps Work?

Many men around the world face stigma around the size of their penis, and feel pressures and stress about the fear of having a smaller than average penis. Though in many cases, this is often overestimated and there are a number of reasons why, there are a large amount of men who feel that artificial penis enlargement is required.These days there are a number of potential options available, including penis pumps or penis enlargement surgery. Though a number of other products including creams and medication are on the market, pertaining to increase manhood size, penis pumps are one of the most popular methods of penis enlargement.

What are penis pumps?

Our VVI Medical penis pumps operate by using a loading cone to place a constriction ring over the cylinder. The penis is then inserted into the cylinder which then, using the pump, creates a vacuum which draws more blood cells into the penis. The penis then enlarges to fill the cylinder and this increases penis strength and prolongs erection. A constriction ring can then be rolled onto the penis base to maintain erection results for longer, although the ring does not need to be used if the penis pump is used as an exerciser to increase length.

Do they work?

Penis pumps are commonly used because of their easily apparent results. Instead of spending large amounts of money and facing the heightened risks associated with penis enlargement surgery, penis pumps offer an easy to use, safe method of enlarging the penis, which can be used time and time again. Because the penis pump operates by using increased flow of blood vessels to the penis, results will often diminish over time. This means that whilst results will often last for an extended period of time, and in most cases help to assist in the treatment of impotence, if used as a method of long term extension, the results will not be as readily apparent. It is important to remember that whilst the results in most cases leave customers very satisfied, not everyone will receive the same results. We do also stock penis extenders which are more focused on extending overall penis size, and these may produce more long term results if this is the main requirement.See our blog for more information about whether the results of penis pumps are permanent here.

In summary

Penis pumps are a cost effective, popular, safe method of penis extension. Though initial results are not permanent, by following instructions, users can see immediate results which can be repeated regularly without risk. For people who struggle with impotence or smaller size penis, penis pumps can provide an easy and very notable solution in most cases.